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The School for Urban Planning and Architecture (SUPAR) is a Milwaukee Public High School created in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

SUPAR brings high school students to proficiency and beyond by preparing them to pursue successful careers, and introducing them to the skills and professions involved in planning, designing, and transforming communities to create a better future.

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SUPAR Calendar 2011-12

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Revised Graduation Commencement and Farewell Celebration, June 15, 6 pm
New Honors Banquet, June 20th

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SUPAR at DI State Tournament: SUPAR's Destination Imagination team competed again, for the third year in a row, at the state tournament in Stevens Point.

Holler Park Rain Garden: SUPAR students help plant a rain garden to improve water quality in the Kinnickinnic River

Rain Barrel Project: SUPAR works with Layton Boulevard West Neighbors through Lead to Succeed, June 2010

SUPAR Takes First in Destination Imagination for the Milwaukee Region--now on to state tournament in Stevens Point, April 17, 2010.

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Lead to Succeed is a youth training program to prepare high school students for career development.  SUPAR students participated at the conference this winter and are working on service projects while earning wages from private businesses.

SUPAR Newsletter, Fall 2009


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What is Urban Planning?

The field of urban planning seeks to make communities better places in which to live and work.

Urban planning concerns itself with the health and quality of life in urban places. Urban planners need to work with the transportation system, the economy, the environment, urban design and physical facilities, and the culture and politics of a city to maintain quality of life. Urban planning is future-oriented. Planners look five, twenty, and even fifty years into the future to anticipate the future consequences of current trends and activities. Urban planning is about considering the consequences of present actions on the future quality of life in the city.

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and groups of buildings.  While architecture, as a profession, focuses on the design of buildings, the process and tools of design that one learns as an architect can be used in a wide variety of design fields, including urban design, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, and graphic design.  Increasingly, architects are focusing on the energy consumption of buildings and the carbon emissions from buildings.  Architects focus on green building methods in order to create buildings that are healthy for their occupants and leave a small "footprint" on the environment--from water consumption to energy consumption to air emissions.


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